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“I only want to make the good quality….The Masterpieces.” - Varadaraj

The three
 brothers of the Bronze Creative
The three brothers in front of their home and workshop (right to left) Suni, Varuna nd Varadaraj

As a young boy Ssrashtaa, the eldest of the three brothers who started the Bronze Creative (known as Varadaraj) lived with his uncle in a small village in Tamil Nadu.  The house opposite his uncles was owned by a local bronze artist named Rajan.  After school every day he would go over to the Rajan’s house to visit with him as he liked to watch him make wax models for the bronze pieces. Seeing the young boys’ interest Rajan offered Varadaraj a job as an apprentice in his bronze shop.  He was 10 years old.  Young boys often have jobs around the small bronze casting businesses or collectives as they are called.  As an entry level apprentice he worked doing much of the menial worked needed for the daily workings of the business.  He would go to work after school and work into the night. 


By age 14 and the 10th grade he quite school to work full time in the bronze industry.  He already showed a gift for the art and was regularly creating wax models for the bronze pieces.  This is considered the most difficult part of the lost wax process.  It requires the most skill as in artist in understanding the overall proportion of the piece as the wax model is the foundation of the piece.

 Holding Wax Model of Ganesh
Varun holding a wax model of Ganesh

The second eldest, Varunkanth (Varun) began his metal casting career with a one year apprenticeship making metal lamps.  At age 16, much like his older brother, Varun then moved to the same small bronze casting business, Rajan Industry, as his older brother Varadaraj did. 

Sini, the youngest, at age 15, followed the same path as his two older brothers and joined them at Rajan Industry as an apprentice.  


Working on wax model of Shiva
Suni working on a wax model of Shiva

When the eldest, Varadaraj, was 20 years 1998 old he left the shop where he worked for 10 years learning the craft and started off working with his two younger brothers behind the house where he grew up.  His uncle knew of the talent of the three brothers and offered them to start a business together an offer they accepted.  After 3 years and a failed business relationship, money always is source of problems in India even between family, he and his two brothers, Varun, and Sini started the Bronze Creative.  The date was April 14 1998 on Tamil New Year. 

 Winning Ardhanari
The spectacular award winning Aradhanari

Their goal from the beginning was to make the best possible bronze sculpture.  Over the years the reputation of the Bronze Creative has grown.  He and his two brothers are largely recognized as being the best in their field as bronze artisans.  They have been pioneers in the industry developing a method of multiple castings in which different metals are cast at separate times and at separate temperatures creating a piece with multiple colors.  This technique was recognized by the state of Tamil Nadu in 1998-1999 when they won the state award in sculpture.  They constantly look to try new ideas and develop new ways of looking at bronze sculpture which has largely been unchanged since the 9th century’s first Chola Bronze pieces.

In 2002-2003 the Government of India looked to give Switzerland atomic energy commission a gift for their help in establishing a Nuclear energy facility in Tamil Nadu.  They chose the Bronze Creative to make an 11 foot Nataraja sculpture which is currently the largest single casting of a bronze Nataraja statue in the world.  They have plans to cast a 15 foot Nataraja and a 19 foot Nataraja in the future.These large sizes in bronze were never before possible. 

They have developed a new system for the firing of the metal that allows such large amounts of metal to be cast at once. 

The three brothers are now age 28 Varadaraj, 27 Varun and 25 Sini.  Their contributions to the bronze industry go well beyond their years. 

This year they plan to win the national award for sculpture. 

Varadaraj with 15 foot Model of Nataraja
Varadaraj with the model of a 15 foot Nataraja


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