Bronze Masterpiece Statues of Hindu Gods by Bronze Creative

The Lost Wax Method Stage 3 Melting the Wax Model from Inside the 
Earthen Mold

After the mold is finished the wax then needs to be melted out of the mold leaving the inside of the mold empty and mostly free of wax.  The mold is placed upright with the pouring spouts facing down.  A small channel is made in the ground that leads to a small pool.  The channel and pool are coated with a mixture of sand and clay. 

The finished earthen mold standing upright with cow patties on top

The channel & pool made of sand and clayy

Starting the fire


The wax flowss

The clay that was placed on the ground to form a channel was placed there so that the wax would not mix with the dirt.  Thus the river of wax can be extracted from the clay and used again for future wax molds.  10% of the wax cannot be recovered because it is burned away.

TThe heat of the fire is not hot enough to melt all the wax form within the mold.  The excess wax is removed in the next stage of casting the mold.

The approximate amount of time the fire is kept lit from start to finish is:

1 hour for a 12 inch wax mold
2 hours for a 24 inch wax mold
2 hours for a 36 inch wax mold
4 hours for a 48 inch wax mold
6 hours for a 60 inch wax mold
8 hours for a 72 inch wax mold

Stage 1
Wax mold
Stage 2
Earthen mold
Stage 3
Melting wax
Next step, Stage 4
Pouring the metal
Stage 5
Finishing the bronze


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