Bronze Masterpiece Statues of Hindu Gods by Bronze Creative

Lord Nataraja, Shiva Nataraja, Lord of Dance, Dance of Destruction

In the deodar forest lived sages who had spent their lives studying the cosmos, seeking the supreme truth.  As time passed the sages deluded themselves with self-importance and their heads swelled with pride.  They claimed they had renounced the world but secretly they sought all the pleasures of a life of luxury.  They preached renunciation but practiced every from of sensual indulgence. 

To teach the sages a lesson Shiva arrived in the form of a handsome young hermit.  Seduced by his beauty the sages and their wives ran after him.  The sages held Shiva responsible for their own lack of restraint.  They decided to destroy this temptation.  With their magic powers they created a tiger, a serpent and a goblin and set them upon Shiva.  Shiva skinned the tiger alive, wore the serpent around his neck and laughing, jumped on the goblin and began dancing on his back.  This stunned the sages.  He continued to dance wildly issuing tremors throughout the world, shaking the heavens and splitting the mountains.  The gods abandoned the heavens to see the dance.  As Shiva danced the sages realized that Shiva had flayed the tiger of their ambition, tamed the serpent of their passion and crushed the goblin of their ego.  His dance captured the rhythm of life, the cosmic cycle of generation, organization and destruction.  It encapsulated the essence of cosmic truth or santana dharma.

In his hands Shiva as Lord Nataraja holds a drum or dhamru that makes the final sound of death as well as the primeval vibrations of life.  In his left hand Nataraja holds Agni, a fire that burns and destroys yet also illuminates and energizes.  Around him is a fiery prahabhamandala, which is the great wheel of samsara filled with the infinite cycle of births and rebirths. 

The sages looked at Shiva in awe.  He came be known as Shiva Nataraja the lord of Dance. 

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